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Adipose-derived Stem Cells (ACS)

Adipose-derived Stem Cells (ACS)

Adipose-derived stem cells are undifferentiated adult stem cells that are found in fatty tissue. Adipose is a highly-concentrated source of mesenchymal stem cells. Mesenchymal cells can differentiate into many types of other cells that make up bone, cartilage, muscle tissue, and nerves. 

These cells are sometimes called Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF). The SVF contains a collagen matrix, nerves, blood and lymph vessels, and other cellular components , such as:

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Growth Factors

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Smooth Muscle cells

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Mesenchymal stem cells

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Endothelial precursor cells

SVF can be used effectively in many different stem cell therapies. These therapies include those that commonly address musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, autoimmune disorders, metabolic disorders such as diabetes and kidney disease, and neurologic problems, among others.

 This is because MSCs, or mesenchymal cells, provide the ability to differentiate, multiply, and self-renew, allowing for regeneration of the target cell in need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Adipose stem cell extraction involves a small lipo-aspiration procedure which produces a sample of your own fat tissue that can be processed and broken down to obtain a highly-concentrated dose of mesenchymal stem cells. The number of cells obtained can range from 30 – 60 million in each dose, which is much higher than other stem cell methods. 

Our stem cell procedures are performed by our doctor and medical team in a sterile manner. We’ll ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed. After the cells are collected and processed, they are suspended in platelet-rich plasma derived from your own blood sample for better administration. After the procedure, you can return home with instructions for your quick and easy recovery.

Stem cells are administered on the same day as your collection procedure and will begin to differentiate into specific cells that can benefit you based on your condition. It can be difficult to estimate how long this process takes since everyone’s body has physiologic differences and diverse rates of healing. Many patients can benefit from platelet-rich plasma treatments in addition to stem cell therapy, which can boost this process. This will be evaluated and discussed by your provider on site.

Adipose-derived stem cells are highly versatile and can be taken from rich and readily-available sources. Although bone marrow was once the main source of mesenchymal cells, experts have found that adipose has much easier and less invasive collection requirements. Additionally, some studies point to adipose-derived stem cells retaining their potency throughout age, rather than bone marrow which can begin to diminish over time. This means that adipose-derived stem cells can offer effective therapeutic options to patients experiencing conditions that are often age-related.

Yes, stem cells are present on whats called the stromal vascular fraction or the vascular presence encorporated in the fat tissue. This is isolated and stripped off of the adipose tissue to obtain mesenchymal stem cells.

Yes, stem cells that come from your own tissue like fat or bone marrow are very effective and safe and can be considered the gold standard source for mesenchymal stem cells

Stem cell therapies may offer the potential to treat diseases or conditions for which few treatments exist. Sometimes called the body’s “master cells,” stem cells are the cells that develop into blood, brain, bones, and all of the body’s organs. They have the potential to repair, restore, replace, and regenerate cells, and could possibly be used to treat many medical conditions and diseases.

Yes , like other tissues in the body adipose tissue can regenerate. This is a process dependent on the host for how greatly adipocytes expand.

The harvest is completed via a minor in-office procedure under local anesthesia. The procedure is very similar to a mini lipo in which the patient experiences very little discomfort.

1 session of ASCs costs about RM 24 000 to RM 48 000, depends on the indications of treatment  and locations of injection

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