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What does the skin need?

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the ability of a gel to return to its initial shape after being subjected to strain

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the ability of a gel to stick together and thereby maintaining gel integrity

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the ability of a gel to be shaped and modelled

The Cohesive Polydensified Matrix of Belotero®
enables seamless dermal integration

By optimising the balance of these properties, the Belotero® range of fillers integrates

seamless into the skin tissue and lets you achieve predictable and harmonious results.

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Cohesive gel

Monophasic polydensified

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Fragemented gel

Monophasic monodensified gel

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Non cohesive gel


Intelligent design in aesthetics

The Belotero® fillers are manufactured using a patented Dynamic Cross-Linking

Technology that results among others in a monophasic Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM).

StandarD cross-linking

Existing Cross linking technology 4

Phase 1

Hyaluronic acid in its original form (single chains, random coil structure)

Existing Cross linking technology 7

Phase 2

Linearisation of the individual hyaluronic acid chains: the random coil structure untangles

Existing Cross linking technology 6

Phase 3

First hyaluronic acid crosslinking process with BDDE: a cellular, monophasic gel emerges

Phase 4 to 5 constitute the innovative part of the patented DCLT technology

Existing Cross linking technology 8

Phase 4

Expansion of the gel that was created in the crosslinking process

Existing Cross linking technology 9

Phase 5

Second crosslinking process, supplemented with additional non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid

Patented dynamic cross-linking technology (DCLT)2

This advanced DCLT technology provides the ideal balance of cohesivity, elasticity and plasticity to match the needs of the targeted layer of the skin.

Predictable results with Belotero® Hydro*

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Predictable results with Belotero® Soft*

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Belotero® Balance – Good safety and tolerability

Optimal skin integration without side effects

Belotero® ultrasonography images show a homogenous papule which is as dense as the surrounding tissue after injection into the superficial dermis.

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Biphasic gel

Screenshot 2023 05 24 170434

monodensified gels

Screenshot 2023 05 24 170611

Monophasic polydensified gel

In contrast Restylane® and Juvéderm® showed a higher degree of echoes, opaqueness, and production of a cone of shadow underneath the injected papules.

Belotero® has no significant local inflammatory reaction

Belotero® showed an absence of an inflammatory reaction following injection intradermally.

Histological slides 30 days after injection

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Juvéderm® 30HV

- Slight to moderate degree of chronic inflammation

- Subepidermal and perivascular increased number of lymphocytes, also plasma cells and several granulocytes

Screenshot 2023 05 24 171840

Teosyal® Deep Lines

- Severe chronic inflammation

- Dense infiltrate of inflammatory cells

Screenshot 2023 05 24 171854

Restylane Perlane®

- Intense chronic inflammation,

- Heavy infiltration of lymphocytes, plasma cells and eosinophil granulocytes

Screenshot 2023 05 24 171911

Juvéderm® 30HV

- Histomorphological normal finding free of inflammation unremarkable immune reaction

Predictable results with Belotero® Balance*

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Predictable results with Belotero® Intense*

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Predictable results with Belotero® Volume*

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