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The peninsula ultrasonic cannon is a kind of focused ultrasonic wave, which generates enough heat through the focused point, and performs targeted treatment after the coagulation point is generated in the human tissue (fascia layer, superficial fat layer, dermis layer)

2.0mm directly reaches the dermis, stimulates the continuous regeneration of collagen, and dilutes deep lines.

3.0mm reaches the superficial fat layer under the skin, tightens the skin and selectively reduces fat cells, improving the contour curve.

4.5mm directly reaches the SMAS fascia layer, and lifts the bottom of the muscle to achieve the effect of firming and lifting.


postoperative care

1. Within one week after the operation, you should avoid hot water bathing or activities with hot skin, such as: sauna bathing, strenuous exercise, etc;

2. Skin care: In the first week after surgery, the skin care products used should be non-irritating, and it is recommended not to use make-up.

3. Moisturizing: Please pay attention to moisturizing the skin after surgery. It is recommended to use moisturizing spray, moisturizing mask, etc;

4. Sunscreen: Please pay attention to sunscreen care after surgery.

Matters needing attention
Immediately after treatment, papules or excessive erythema may appear. According to the skin reaction state, ice compress or cooling mask can be applied, and it will disappear soon. If there is tenderness or soreness in the treatment area, it is normal and will disappear after 3 days.

People who are pregnant, have severe heart disease, diabetes, have damaged skin surface, and are in the allergy period are not suitable for operation.

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