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Our Professional Doctors

Professional & Certified Doctors

We are a team of aesthetic physicians, surgeons, registered nurses; aesthetic consultants trained in aesthetic and regenerative medicine.

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Medical Director

Dr Michael Loh Wei Chieh

Qualifications :
MBBS, MAC, AAAM, IASCT, IACT, LCP-certified Aesthetic Physician.

Specialization :
Thread-lifting for facial sagging & skin rejuvenation, Korea SMAS face lift, Advanced Botulinum Toxin Injection & Injectables, PRP

Aesthetic Physician

Dr Kevin Lee

Dr Kevin currently serves as a board certified General Practitioner and a member of Malaysian Medical Association (MMA)


Dr Kevin believes that confidence is the key to success, and he strongly emphasises 3C in his service which is caring for clients, caring to be safe, and caring about the outcomes.

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