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Natural Killer (NK) Immune Cell Therapy

What is Immune Cell Therapy

A branch of regenerative medicine that focuses on prevention and cure of diseases by multiplying and cultivating the patients’ own immune cells. 

These activated immune cells will be injected and circulate into patients’ blood stream to attack and engulf injured cells,  senescent cells and cancer cells in the patients’ body. Thus, this facilitates regeneration of new healthy body cells.

Who Can Be Treated?

We specialize in performing latest aesthetic techniques.

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Individual with weak immunity

cer patients

Cancer patients

cer patients 1

Patients with immunosuppression-related diseases

cer patients 2

Patients with recurring and metastatic cancer

cer patients 3

Individuals with ageing-related problems


We specialize in performing latest aesthetic techniques.

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Improve quality of life

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Prevent and cure cancer

cer patients 7

Relieve pain from cancer and conventional therapy

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Increase tolerance to chemotherapy

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Good synergy with surgery, radio- and chemotherapy

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Boost immunity and prevent disease

Frequently Asked Questions

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NK cells stand for “Natural Killer” cells. These cells are part of our immune system, as our body’s first line of defence; the first cells to respond against viruses and tumour cells.

NK cells are believed to be relatively short-lived, and at any one time there are likely more than 2 billion circulating in an adult.

However, at most of the time, NK cells are at inactivated form. As human ages, the function of NK cells further deteriorates as our immune system weakens.

NK cell therapy is recognized as an advanced treatment in 1996 by Japan FDA.

As the cell culture is wholly multiplied from your own cells in laboratory, there is no risk of cells rejection by body (no risk of Graft versus host disease (GvHD).

We are only partnering with cGMP-certified stem cell laboratory, which practises stringent laboratory protocols, quality control and regulations imposed by related authority.

Our clinic serves as a healthcare centre to assess your health conditions through thorough medical history, physical examination and blood tests. We will further consult you on your needs of therapy and determine your suitability for the said therapy. Blood taking will be done by our doctor and your blood sample will be arranged to send to lab in Malaysia by flight. Cell cultures will take around 14-18 days.  We will closely monitor your cells culture progress through daily report from lab.

Once your cell culture is completed, your NK cells will be sent to us on your appointment day for infusion into your body in our clinic. 

The whole process is done by our well-trained doctor and nurses.

As this is a high-end regenerative medical technology approved by Japan FDA, one session of NK Immune Cell Therapy costs around RM 50 000 to Rm 70 000 depending on patients’ needs and case complexity.

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