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Fiber Optic Lipolysis

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It is a fat dissolving technology based on the theory of plasma photothermolysis. By uniformly liquefying fat cells, the liquefied fat is excreted during the natural metabolism of the human body. Traditional radio frequency, ultrasound, laser and other technologies use the external thermal effect to make the temperature reach 62-75 degrees to break the collagen layer and then reorganize to achieve the purpose of skin tightening. Fiber optic micro-carving is more intuitive and direct, surpassing any traditional radio frequency, ultrasound, laser and other technologies, and it is a new trend of non-invasive beauty in the future

What is Fiber Optic Lipolysis

The principle of fat-melting Fiber-optic fat-melting uses micron-scale optical fiber as thin as a hair, and uses the high energy emitted by the plasma laser to evenly crush the fat envelope, liquefy and decompose the cellulite to achieve the effect of slimming the face and body, which is more guaranteed than traditional surgery. The skin is smooth and flat, more fine and traceless, effectively eliminates dead corners of fat on the face and body such as the chin, butterfly sleeves, etc., so that the fat has nowhere to hide.



  •  Stimulate collagen to tighten the skin, slimming, lifting and beautifying the skin in one step.
  • Precisely locate the fat-melting site, quickly eliminate fat cells in the body, and fundamentally reduce fat cells, so there will be no rebound after surgery.
  • High-quality fat cells can be extracted for autologous fat transplantation and filling.

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