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What is Rejuran

Return, Balance up your skin by Activating self-skin Regenerative Power
Rejuran Healer that regenerates skin cells from deep inside is a 'New concept of skin healing booster' for your skin that makes skin healthy and beautiful by delivering polynucleotide to dermis to improve physiologvcal condition of damaged skin inside,

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ExceIIent Recovering Effect

lmprove skin's own regenerative capability

Proven Safety

biocompatible substance, No adverse reaction

lmprovement on Skin Elasticity

Complement Elastic fibers

Recovery of Skin BaIance

lmprove Skln Tone and Texture balancing between oil and moisture inside of skin

Quick Effectiveness and Short Downtime

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PN (Polynucleotide)

Recommendable Patients

Skin Revitalization

Rejuran activates revitalization of the skin by promoting cell growth through inducing fibroblast production.

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Collagen fiber is denser in REJURAN group with more fibroblast proliferation.

Ref. Chang sik Pa k et al., A phase 3 , randomized, double-blind, matched-pairs, active-controlled clinical trial and preclinical animal study to compare the durability, efficacy and safety between polynucleotide filler and hyaluronic acid filler the correction of crow’s feet; JKMS 2014 ; 201 一 209

offers 4 different products to meet your specific needs

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Who is Suitable for This Treatment?

Skin Healer for Full Face, Eye Wrinkles and Sunken Scars!

  • Those who desire for a natural and healthy skin
  • Those who desire to have freshened and tightened facial skin
  • Those who look for an overall improvement in the skin condition.
  • Those who have fine wrinkles on their face.
  • Those who have sensitive and thin skin
  • Those who do not want Filler or Toxin anymorė
  • Those who want something new
  • Those who experience side effects caused by other treatments.
  • Those who wish to achieve age-reversal and youth-regenerating effects non-surgically

10 Solutions to Look 10 Years Younger

A Fundamental Changein the Skin with REJURAN

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What Can You Expect After the Treatment?

Skin Texture → Skin Tone → Redness Oil/Moisture Balance → Fine Wrinkles → Tightness → Pores

1st Session, 3-5 Days After

Improved skin textureRestored skin balance

2nd Session,2-4 Weeks After

Improved skin tightness Reduced fine lines and wrinkles minimized pore size

3rd Session, 4-6 Days After

Natural skin lifting effect Volumizing effect with restored dermis

4th Session, 6-8 days after

10 solutions to look10 years younger

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Skin Normalization

REJURAN®treatment results in increased epidermal and dermal skin thickness forming a strongdefense barrier against environmental and non-environmental factors that cause premature skin aging

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Increased Skin Hydration & Elasticity

REJURAN®increases skin hydration by 14.69% and skin elasticity by 21.78%

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Frequently Asked Questions

The hospital plays a statewide services includes the Acquired

REJURAN® Healer is not like a traditional fillers and laser treatment It fundamentally regenerates and recovers skin by activating the self-renewal ability of the skin without irritation. REJURAN® Healer recovers skin back to normal by 4 treatments with 2-3 weeks interval and every 6 month treatment for maintaining a healthy skin condition.

You may get the swelling on the treated spot on the day of treatment, but it will be gone completely within 24 hours and enabling you back to normal life.

It would be better to get REJURAN® Healer forover all parts of your face. Not only for around eyes or under eyes which was difficult part to give treatment before, REJURAN® Healer produces a great effect also for wrinkles on neck or back of your hands. It will greatly improve thin and damaged skin.

Rejuran® Healer is composed of high biocompatible DNA fragment to our body; it has no side effects such as tolerance and immune response after administration and restore skin fundamen­tally without overgrowth.

PN,the main ingredient of Rejuran Healer® makes skin healthy by recovering damaged epidermis and dermis from repeated aesthetic treatment such as laser and filler.

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